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    You can’t escape the Cupcake. Traditionally Cupcakes were made for kids and for their school events or birthday parties. Now its fashionable to order cupcakes for professional events or take them as gifts at social events.

One of the top wedding trends for the upcoming year is vintage and retro-inspired foods and fashions with, of course, a modern twist. Cupcakes have always been a popular childhood treat but lately it has made a major culinary trend in general for every occasion including birthdays, baby showers, office parties, and especially - for weddings!

Wedding Planners and culinary critics agree that - simple or extravagant, casual or formal, sexy in colour or pristine white - cupcakes really are the perfect dessert. Not only are Cupcakes convenient and individual, but more enjoyable than the traditional dry pound cake covered in a hundred pounds of inedible fondant that everyone leaves on their plates.

Enjoy creating the theme, colour and presentation that will be sure to make all your guests stand in awe and enjoy every bite.

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